Going bankrupt in england - We can help you file for bankruptcy in england

Going bankrupt in england? If you need to file for bankruptcy in england we can help you. If you are owing more than £750 in unsecured debts and you are a resident with main centre of interest in england then you can clear all of your unsecured debts by going bankrupt in england.

By going bankrupt in england you will no longer be liable for any outstanding unsecured debt, the creditors will no longer be able to chase you for the debt and all hassle through letters, telephone calls and bailiff threats will be stopped. 

To be able to go bankrupt in england you will need to have lived in the UK for the past 6 months, no assets (or assets that you dont mind losing) no equity in a property (or not mind losing the property / repossession) and not be in certain employments (company director, accountant, police officer, solicitors) whilst bankrupt you will also not be allowed to obtain finance over £500 without disclosing the to the companies that you are currently bankrupt. If this is the first time that you are going bankrupt in england then the restrictions will be lifted and you will no longer be bankrupt (discharged) after 12 months automatically.

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